Mayor & Council

The City of Waverly Mayor and Council work together for the citizens of our community. As leaders, they are committed to protecting the City of Waverly assets through the encouragement of residents and businesses to become integral participants in our community.

Mayor: Scott Duewer

Alderman: Ward 1 - Matt Cleveland, Shane Gray; Ward 2 - Jeff Baines, Evan Durako; Ward 3 - Terry Campbell, Joe Nagel

2021 Committees:

Finance: Shane Gray, Chairman; Evan Durako

Building, Streets & Alleys: Terry Campbell, Chairman; Shane Gray; Evan Durako

Gas, Water & Sewer: Evan Durako, Chairman; Jeff Baines, Terry Campbell

Police, Lights & Fire: Jeff Baines, Chairman; Matt Cleveland; Joe Nagel

Parks, Lake & Recreation: Joe Nagel, Chairman; Matt Cleveland; Shane Gray

Community Development: Terry Campbell, Chairman; Evan Durako; Matt Cleveland

Public Information Officers: Matt Cleveland, Chairman; Terry Campbell; Evan Durako

Farm: Shane Gray, Chairman; Jeff Baines; Evan Durako

Liquor: Scott Duewer, Chairman; Matt Cleveland; Jeff Baines; Joe Nagel